Saturday, January 31, 2015


 Bralette: Victorias Secret | Top: Juicy Couture | Shorts: Nordstrom B.P . | Shoes: Keds

Lately I feel like I have lost the ability to change. Maybe because it is difficult to change old habits so quickly and I have sort of lost my motivation. It is easier to succumb to your old ways than to change...not good. So, in order to combat this, I think I need to begin exercising and dancing more often. (I love dance parties...a lot). Exercise helps give people a happy endorphin and also gives people the motivation and mindset to live a better life. The hard part, for me at least, is to find time. I know I have plenty of it, but I just got to do it. So I will!
Also I wish it was spring right now too. I have been trying to trick myself into the next season but it does not work that much. It keeps raining or getting very cold. I wore this outfit on a semi-overcast day in hopes that the sun would peak out but it did not. Sneaky little sun.
That is all for this week!

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  1. Oh man, if I could manipulate the weather by thought I'd be in a very different climate right now!! :P Haha. Have you played the Wii game 'Just Dance'? It is ridiculously fun and sort of a cheat workout because it is honestly too fun to be considered a work out! Definitely recommend trying it if you haven't--it's even better with a couple of people (Dance party for the win!).



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