Saturday, August 30, 2014


This wednesday I had the privilege of going to an Ed Sheeran concert. And oh my goodness, was it amazing! When I heard that he was finally going to have his own headlining tour, I knew I had to get tickets! So my friend Naomi and I went online and got tickets. At first I thought we bought really horrible seats, but when we arrived we were so close to the stage that we could literally see the stage and the performers very clearly. Unfortunately, my camera and phone were unable to capture it that well.
So here is how the concert went:
When we arrived inside the arena Rudimental started playing. I never heard of them before but they were spectacular. Rudimental, for those who don't know (like me), is a British band that consists of four people who play genres including liquid funk (never heard of that before), jungle (or that), soul, electronica, and pop. The band also has collaborations with artists including Emelie Sande, Alex Clare, John Newman, and more. I started looking up their songs when I came home and I think my favorite is Free, a collaboration with Sande. If you don't know who this band is and are interested to fund out more about them, you should definitely go hear some of their music because they are seriously so good.
After Rudimental performed, there was a brief intermission and ED SHEERAN came out! He first started playing Im A Mess and then continued playing songs from his newest album, X (pronounced multiply) and songs from his pervious album +. He must totally be a math person...hahaha. What I really loved about his performance is that he got the whole audience involved, telling us to sing versus when he was silent, clap, and make pretty chords (I think thats the word) with our voices to go with the song he was playing. It was also like he was playing to a group of 5 people because he was sharing thoughts on songs, funny stories, and how his day was, which was so cool. Most singers I know don't seem to be that humble and talk to their audience in such an intimate way. But my favorite part was how he was able to captivate the entire audience with just himself, his guitar, and a loop pedal. Just with those three tools he was able to get the ENTIRE arena of 18000+ people to be absolutely SILENT when he was singing really meaningful songs like Photograph, Thinking out Loud, and Afire Love. And during these songs, when it was silent, the whole crowd lit up their phones and it was as if their were fireflies everywhere, it was so beautiful. And... he had a surprise guest! Gary Lightbody (from Snow Patrol)! First Ed said he was gonna sing his favorite song with lyrics he loves and wish he could have written (The song was Chasing Cars) and after the first verse, Gary comes from a side entrance and begins singing his song with Ed!! It was such a cool moment!! I can't believe I was able to see them sing together, they really sing great together. After they sang chasing cars Ed had a few more songs, including A-Team, and then the concert was over :'(. I was honestly such a great night with amazing performers, great music, and good vibes. I cant wait for another album of his to come out and go to his second headlining tour!
More next week!

I tried to post some videos on here from the concert but it didn't work :(
Plus next week I will do a post on what I wore! 

Go check my insta for some videos and pictures from the concert too! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014


 Necklace: Nordstrom B.P | Top: Handmade | Belt: Hollister | Shorts: Loft | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs 

On my long break away from blogging, my family and I traveled to Mexico and it was stunning. My favorite place we went to was Xel-Ha; A natural water park were you could snorkel in the clear water and see fish, such as the rainbow fish, and stingrays. It was so amazing to watch the animals in their natural habitat, learn about Mexican culture, and eat yummy food (Mole for the win!- not the animal but the sauce, which is not made from the animal in case you were wondering).
In my outfit I was originally wearing a small and simple necklace but then switched it to this statement peter pan collar and oh my gosh, I was shocked to see what a difference it made! The statement necklace made the outfit more interesting, sparkly, and fun. I definitely recommend switching your everyday necklace for a statement to see what wonders in can work on your outfit too.
More next week!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


 Hat: Forever 21| Heart Necklace: Tiffany&Co. | Long necklace: Handmade | Denim Vest: Washborn via Buffalo Exchange | Dress: Nordstrom B.P | Plaid Sweater: Target | Sneakers: Chuck Taylor | Watch: Michael Kors | Bag: Marc Jacobs

Week 2, Yay! As you can tell there is some similarity between this post and my welcome photo. Hmmm....wonder why. This outfit is inspired by Kylie Jenner and her super cool grunge style she has going on for her. I tried to emulate her style in my own way by tying a plaid sweater to my waist and adding a denim vest for extra coolness points. But, I am obviously not as tough-badass-chic looking. More like grunge for a day plus cuteness.
It is nice to go out of your comfort zone and to try new looks that you usually don't wear. That is what I did, plus I felt super trendy. Next time you throw on an outfit, try two pieces in your wardrobe  that you would never try putting together and see what you create. It might be a total failure or a complete success and if you have a vision in mind, it makes it much more simple.
I want to take a second to talk about this hat. I have been searching for the perfect hat that I can wear with anything without being very pricy and I found it! Forever 21 has so many different styles and options all for a great price. I got mine for $10, what a steal! Originally I wanted a larger more floppy had with a round head but because of the way this hat looked, felt, and was priced I knew I had to get it. If you have been searching for the perfect hat I recommend going to check Forever 21. Thanks for reading!
More next week!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Blue Hues

Scarf: Loft | Sunglasses: Loft | Tee: Loft | Skirt: Forever 21 | Sneakers: Chuck Taylor | Bag: Marc Jacobs | White Bracelet: Dominican Republic | Pink Bracelet: Target | Necklace: Tiffany&Co. 

Hi Everyone!! IM BACK!!! And I am so so so happy about that!. I had to take such a long break from blogging- tear :'( - because of finals, entry exams, schoolwork, and lots of traveling. After a much needed and deserved break I am back with a super new look!
How cool is my new layout installed by European company Pipdig?!? I truly love it! It is a chic, classy and minimal look that I just adore. I still have a few minor problems I need to adjust and if you explore the new and improved site you will probably notice what I am talking about. I was just was too excited to show you my new look that I could not wait. #problemsofbeingimpulsive. Go check out all their other templates on their website: 
Speaking of new, my style has somewhat evolved, I cant really pinpoint what is is but I believe I am beginning to have a bit of a cool factor now (insert emoji with sunglasses). Oh yeaahh....
Anyway, I want to talk about my top. This top is a basic and functional white-tee that can honestly be paired with anything because of it's sporty cut. Layer on you favorite statement necklaces, add a scarf, pair it with cool heels, or even with your running shorts. The possibilities are endless.
On a more serious-but still happy note- I will be back blogging on my regular Saturday schedule like I had previously. YAY! IF FEELS SO GOOD TO BE BACK! I hope you join me on my journey of self discovery through style! See you soon.
More next week!
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