Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sugar Plum Princess-1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

 Flower Crown: Handmade (by me!) | Tank: Forever 21 (old) | Skirt: Express (old) | Shoes: Steve Madden 

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing weekend so far! For this post I wanted to wear possibly my favorite outfit...EVER. Why you ask? Well because last year on this very day I first got the courage to start this lovely blog! I am honestly SO thankful for such an amazing first year and I hope to be even more prosperous in the future years of this blog. I want to thank EVERYONE and ANYONE who has ever stumbled across my site and enjoyed what I post. I want thank everyone who has shared my blog with their friends, and to everyones lovely comments. It truly does mean the world to me!
Now back to the outfit choice, I am really into this purple plum color, it is both warm and bright at the same time. I know, That sounds like a strange combo. The floral patterned skirt adds some interest and the wreath I created goes perfectly with this ensemble! (Partially because I designed for this specific outfit :P)
Thats all for today!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Floral Crown DIY

1. Floral Cloth Wire. 2. Floral Tape. 3. Real or silk flowers.
Bend the floral cloth wire around the crown of your head to get a desired curve. Yes, I realize that does sound a bit strange....

Cut off a little stem from the branch of flowers and secure it with floral tape by TIGHTLY wrapping it around the stem. It is super important to wrap the stem tightly because it will unravel if done otherwise:(. P.S your fingertips will get super waxy, so just keep going till you are done. Continue doing this for every flower stem until you reach the end of your wire.
And there you have it! Your finished project! Hope you guys enjoyed this DIY, maybe I will try and do some other DIY's later:). 

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Color Story: Neon Yellow

A Color Story: Neon Yellow

A Color Story: Neon Yellow by leahla featuring a leather shoulder bag

Neon Yellow. A very bright and bold color. To wear such a radiant color, I would suggest wearing it in little bursts to make your outfit more fun and surprising (in a good way). Plus, it is also a major confident booster, making you stand out wherever you are! Neon yellow also helps brighten up your skin tone. Try this color out for a bit and see how you like it. I know I will!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Anything Can Happen

 Dress:Target (old) | Scarf: Nordstrom B.P. | Belt:I forgot...(old) | Shoes: Converse 

Two posts in two days, Woohoo! Im on a roll! I like this look a lot, it is casual and comfy and has a dash of color.
The reason I named this post "Anything Can Happen" is due to the song by Elle Goulding. I know, I am so original. Although it may sound cheesy, what she is singing about happens to be very true. In a matter of minutes, or even seconds, everything can change. It can go from good to bad, happy to blissful, etc. Anything you want and yearn for can be yours if you work towards your goal. Okay, thats all with my philosophical bit.
Hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

They Say I'm A Dreamer

 Shirt: Handmade by me : Pants: Hollister (old) | Shoes: Keds (old)

 Pink Bracelet:Target | Ring: Claire's (old) | Watch: Michael Kors | Spike Bracelet: Nordstrom

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend is going well so far! As of now, I am officially on Spring Break (YAY!) but I still have loads of homework to do:(.
I would just like to talk about the shirt I made. In my fashion class, my teacher had us do screen printing. A process where you draw your own design and burnt it on to a silk screen. It was very time consuming due to the fact that we only had 45 minute sessions to do the whole process.
Although it was time consuming it was a very interesting and cool new thing I learned.
Hopefully I will have time to publish more posts now that I am free (kinda)
Thats all for today!
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