Saturday, February 7, 2015

Blushing Beauty

Valentines day is right around the corner and is the a hallmark holiday for every relationship. It can become a really cheesy festivity really quickly. But hey! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE those heart shaped chocolates...I mean, who doesn't? You know what they say: Chocolate is a single girls bff. Right? Maybe it is just me. For any of you other single girls out there who just want to stuff their face with ice cream and watch chic flicks all day, stop right here because I have got some ideas for you! 

Although Valentines day is meant for couples, it can also be used as a girl bonding day too. Gather up some of you single girlfriends and take some of these ideas to help you have a sweet day. 
1. Have you and your friends dress as if you were going to a summer brunch where each of you wear soft blush/pastel tones, lace, etc. That way you will all look put-together and the different outfits mesh together. Bonus points for posing cute group photos on insta! 
2. Cook pasta with each other. This Creamy Avocado Recipe is to die for. If you are not into pasta, go check out my food board on Pinterest for other delicious recipes to try. 
3. Make sweet pink cocktails together to toast your amazing friendship and the fact that you aint need no man on Valentines Day. (the second toast is optional...). If you need any drink recipes click here.
4. Listen to some cool tunes whist you eat and have a cute lunch or dinner convo. My current fave is the Indie Electronica playlist from Spotify. Afterwards switch the mood to a dance party! Im telling you, I really, really, really love dance parties. My favorite dance playlist is this one. It has such fun classic songs mixed with some of the most popular songs of today. It is perfection!
5. Have a little DIY project too! Make a really cute kiss-y face art project like this one. That way you can each bring one home after the night is finished and frame it in your room. 
6. Last but not least and my personal favorite one of all...and the most cheesy is... Drumroll please! Badadadada... Chick Flicks! Spend the rest of the night cuddling with your besties watching the ultimate girls night film: The Notebook. Or The Wedding Date, that is a really good one. Or 13 going on 30, and any other rom-coms you can get your hands on.

For all you single ladies out there who do not know what to do with themselves of Valentines Day, I hope this helps! If you do decided to pursue any of these activities with your friends, I would love to hear how it goes! Have a sweet weekend filled with love and happiness.
More next week

*All photos Via Pinterest*

P.S there is no progress update because life has begun to get dull again and I need a little bit more motivation to make life more interesting. I hope this plan will help do the trick!


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