Saturday, April 11, 2015

Letting Go

 Flower Crown: Handmade DIY | Top: Zara | Shorts: Macy's | Bag: Vintage | Sunglasses: Loft | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Letting go of anything is difficult... and usually, is not encouraged. But when you continuously ask yourself if this person is worth having in your life, what do you say? Most likely the answer is maybe because it is so heart-achingly difficult to let go of someone when you are so incredibly close to them...or were. You don't want to let go of them because they are like your sibling and each of you knows everything about the other and you have incredible memories together. But the moment you seriously begin doubting your relationship should be used as a red flag that you may want to end your relationship as should continuously feeling neglected by them after telling them how you feel. If you still are unsure if they are worth having in your life, keep reading the rest of these red flags: they bring you down, are passive aggressive, do not spend any time with you, you no longer feel safe or comfortable around them, they don't respect you, and they are not supportive of you, should also be signs that your relationship has gone downhill. And while everyone wants so desperately to go back to the way things used to be, it most likely never will. I know, it is a sad and pessimistic thought. But while you may be wondering if this person is truly still your friend, you should first try everything in your power to try and salvage your relationship, as should the other person. If all else fails and you are still wondering if you should end the relationship, do not be afraid to do so. Because, at the end of the day it will lead you to far better things, darling.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


 Romper: American Rag via Macy's | Shoes: Tilly's | Bag: Marc Jacobs | Watch: Michael Kors

A few weeks ago I witnessed something truly inspiring, one girl helping another which she had barely known. Not only did the girl helping make the other girl's day brighter, but it also inspired everyone else in the room that saw the exchange want to pass on the kindness and make someone else's day a little bit more cheery.
The concept of kindness is quite a simple one- be nice and respectful. But the idea can quickly turn sour when people become passive aggressive, are your "frenemy", and so on. So, I challenge you to step away from being the person who turns kindness into a game of passive-agressivness and genuinely try to help someone who is having a rough day. It can be as simple as trying to gossip less, inviting the new kid to sit with you, or even just making someone laugh. As long as you do one act of kindness-wheather it be big or small- I am sure that both you and the receiver will feel much better and will also inspire others to pass on the movement.
Because we all need a little bit more kindness in the world.
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