Saturday, August 31, 2013

Black Maxi

 Top: Loft | Skirt: Wet Seal | Sneakers: Converse 

 Necklace: Loft

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great week! Mine was pretty stressful but I am glad I got through it! I never go into wet seal. Ever. But I had a gift card to there and decided to use it. That is where I found this lovely black maxi. The fabric is not so sheer so that everything is exposed and it is also very soft and comfortable! Honestly, they are  sweatpants in disguise, they are awesome. I kept the look very minimal with colors and jewelry and tied the top up a bit so the the aesthetic of the outfit is better. 
So today is Yom Kippur and for anyone who celebrates it, I hope you have an easy fast. 
That's all for now! 
More next week

Natasha // WIMB

 Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

 Hi everyone! Sorry for my absentee on Wednesday, I was not able to post. *From now on I will only post on Saturdays*  Its the first week of school and I am already submerged in homework, crazy how that works, huh? Anyway, on the first day we went to the beach so that was really fun except for the fact that it was humid and boiling, the icy cool water kept us all refreshed.
I am super excited about this bag! Like actually though, EEP! I have been lusting over this bag for almost over a year now and I finally have it in my possession! It is a little pricey but I herd plenty of great reviews and that it lasts for years, so it is a great investment bag. I bought it with my own money that I worked for over the summer. It was my first job ever and I really enjoyed it. I'll tell you the story of how I got the bag, its a good story.
 On August 25th, I went with my mom to Bloomingdales to search for a housewarming gift for a relative. We were there for a few hours and found nothing. Then we went to Macy's around 9:00 pm where my dad and brother joined us. We were in the Macy's home section for about an hour and a half until my parents found a suitable gift for the house warming party. As they went to the cash register to pay, the cashier informed my parents that today only is the March Of Dimes sale where you receive 25% if you donate to a charity. My parents got the discount when they bought the gift and a few other things then I thought to myself that the bags must also be on sale. I told my dad with full of excitement and searched their website to see if they still carried the bag. (I got mixed up between Bloomingdales and Macy's, I thought we were in Bloomingdales still because I saw that they had the bag). When I told my dad that they did not carry the bag the cashier informed us that they do in fact carry the bag so we drove to the opposite side of the shop (because it is separated by a long bridge) just before they closed the store which was at 10:00 pm. Thank goodness we got there 15 minuetes before the store closed. I almost did not spot the bag, but when I did I quickly approached the cashier and told them to ring the bag up for me. Luckily, it was the color, size and style I wanted, plus I got if for $100 cheaper. Major score! I came home with the bag extremely happy and dancing around like a dork. I was so excited about the bag that I could not contain myself and have been religiously using it ever since. It was the best investment I ever made and am very happy about the quality of the bag.

I also decided to add a "what's in my bag"section for fun too!
1: Facial Tissue: CVS
2: Earphones: Apple
3: Cell Phone: Apple
4: Chapstick: Nivea
5: Perfume: Taylor Swift Wonderstruck
6: Lipstick: Color Whisper
7: Sunglasses: Loft
8: Wallet: Juicy Couture
9: Gum: Trident
10: Mascara: Benefit Bad Gal Lash
11: Eyeliner: Maybelline Unstoppable

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Style Diaries: Maya

 Top: Macy's | Shorts: Macy's | Sandals: Target
 Small Necklace: Israel | Owl Necklace: Claire's 

Hi guys! Im excited to say that this is my second style diaries (woohoo!) with one of my closest friends, Maya. I have known Maya since 4th grade when I first went up to her and introduced myself...but she ran away. A few days later we ended up talking to each other and now we are so close! Maya is very intelligent, witty, sarcastic, sweet, and caring. Maya loves to wear items that are vintage or are indie/boho/one with nature (is that even a thing?). That being said, I decided to pair a floral blouse with lace shorts. The blouse has a persistent pattern to them just like how Maya is very persistent in everything she does to make sure she can better with whatever she is struggling with. The lace shorts represents Maya's kindness and how she is always caring for her family, friends, and strangers to make sure that they are having good happy lives. Well, thats Maya for you! More later!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Red Tour




Hi guys! So on Monday I attended the Taylor Swift concert with my good friend, Maddy, and it was absolutely AMAZING!! It beat my expectations by far! The first performer was Casey James from American Idol. Casey preformed a couple songs including his famous song "Lets don't call it a night". After he sang, there was a brief intermission and then the uber talented Ed Sheeran came out to sing. Ed preformed some songs from his album "+" such as "Give me love", and the famous "The A Team" as well as Brittany Spears "Hit me baby one more time". It was just him and his guitar on stage and underneath him two foot pedals which he would manually press to make the noises of a drum and piano, which was incredibly cool to watch. He only preformed for 40 minutes but it went by like two minuets. Ed was incredible and hopefully I will be able to go to one of his concerts where he is the headliner. After Ed preformed, there was another brief intermission to get things set up and then Taylor came out. Starting out with "Holy Ground", Taylor preformed songs from all her albums but mainly focused on her newest album, Red. She sang "Mean", and "Ours" and would always give out reasons as to why she wrote the songs she did and what her thought process was. At one point I was even tearing up (I know, silly Leah) when she was talking about having four shows here and how this was the first of the four and how she loved the city so much and all that jazz. She is a very genuine person when she speaks and all her words are so carefully planned and meticulously articulated to sound so graceful and beautiful. In the middle of the concert she introduced her first surprise guest, Cher Loyd, and they sang her hit song "Want you back". It was very catchy and everyone was singing and dancing along with the two. Next, she preformed another few songs and said that we couldn't have possibly have thought that she would only bring one guest out, which was more than what we were all expecting, and then she said she had another. Sara Barellies! She said Sara wanted to come out of the goodness of her heart and that the song they were about to sing together was one that helped give her a confidence boost whenever she was feeling down. So then Sara and Taylor performed Sara's song "Brave," which coincidentally happens to be my favorite song of the moment. As the concert came to a close, Maddy and I had the times of our lives and we both thought (and still do) think the concert had exceeded our expectations BY FAR! With all the lavish costumes, great dancers, great singers, and great surprise performers, this was the best concert I have been too. EVER. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Top: Handmade | Shorts: Macy's (old) | Sneakers: Converse
Sunglasses: Loft (old) | Heart Necklace: Tiffany&co. | Ball Necklace: Loft | Bag: Kate Spade

Spike Bracelet: Nordstrom | Gold Bracelet: Juicy Couture | Watch: Michael Kors | Silver Bracelet: Tiffany&co. | Skull Ring: Nordstrom | Knuckle Rings: Brandy Melville 

Cool socks Leah! :P

I may sound like a dork, but I feel so cool in this outfit! I even did a little happy dance...haha. It is very simple, slouchy, easy, effortless, chic, and is definitely a street style kind of outfit. I piled on the accessories, making sure they were simple and put on my fresh new kicks to add that downtown type of vibe. And although the scenery is not downtown, the outfit is.
Gonna take a moment to talk about my hair...Its so cool! I have just learned how to do a milkmaid braid and I will most likely put up a tutorial on how to do it. Milkmaids are honestly really simple and quick and definitely make a boring outfit so much cooler.
Although school is starting in a week for me *sigh* I am honestly really excited. I cant wait to go see all my friends and start working hard (let the progress begin). I feel like even though I am going to go through the hardest and most hectic year of high school, it will be so much fun because I will be making a lot of great memories and will get to bond with my very small grade.
On another note, this Monday I am going to go to a Taylor Swift concert with one of my closest friends, eep! (your probably thinking, ew, Taylor or why did she just say eep?) Well...I said eep because I am so excited I cannot contain myself which makes me say silly things. And the reason I like Miss Swift is because I like how girly she is and even though everyone says not so nice things about her all the time, she is still very positive and happy. I guess you can say she is my role model and her songs are fun to sing...even if they are sad.
I did not think I was going to write that much or say cool so often.
Thats all for now!

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