Friday, April 26, 2013


Scarf: Nordstrom B.P | Dress: Nordstrom Rack (old) | Jacket: Forever 21
 Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: Nordstrom

Normally I would never go for grey because it washes you out, although I could not resist this ensemble. I guess it is because I mixed together two "prints", (stripes and skulls),  so I guess it makes it okay ;). For some reason it reminds me of Colbie Callait. If you play some of her songs while reading this you can probably understand why.... This outfit is so effortless, comfortable, and chic making the grey okay, kinda.
Anyway, as I promised in my last post, I will be doing a giveaway. Hurrah!(yes, I realize this makes me sound like a pirate). I decided to give away a floral crown. Why? Well because they are totally and completely on trend right now, all over Coachella etc. Also they are a perfect accessory for all your spring and summer outfits!

How to be eligible in the contest:
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Leave a separate comment for each different platform you follow me on. You can have a maximum of three entries. Don't forget to write your name, email and what platforms you have liked as well!
The winner will be announced on May 12th! Get excited and tell all your friends to enter the contest as well!
Have a happy weekend 

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Denim Jacket: Forever 21 | Top: Victorias Secret (old) | Shorts: Nordstrom B.P | Shoes: Keds (old)

trop·i·cal:pertaining to, characteristic of, occurring in, or inhabiting the tropicsespecially the humid tropics:tropical flowers.
Oh, how I wish I was in a tropical area right now, maybe Maui or even Fiji. Even though I am not in either places right now, these shorts make it a little be easier for me to envision myself there. 
When I saw these shorts, I was drawn to them immediately, from the vibrant colors to the beautiful designs, I knew I had to have them. (This kind of sounds like a love story...strange). You can pair shorts like these with many different tops due to the immense amount of colors in them. If you want to be bold, add another print! But make sure they have the same base colors. 
Another item I have recently purchased is this denim jacket, and GOSH have I been living in it! It is warm inside, has nice details in the linings, and fits very well! I have been looking for a jacket like this that looks nice and finally I have found one! I definitely recommend going to Forever 21 and checking out their denim jackets, they are all so trendy. Yes, I realize I said trendy and that it is so fetch...(Mean Girls), but I have adopted it as my new word :). 
Oh yes! This is my 50th post so in my next post I will be doing my first ever giveaway! Yay! So stay posted to see what the item will be!
Thank you!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Color Story: Porcelain Blue

Porcelain Blue

Porcelain Blue by leahla featuring mary katrantzou

Although porcelain is not a color, china pieces with intricate blue detailing appeal to me. So I guess the blue and white mix is a color...combination. In each of these three ensembles, there are small details that make each piece unique. Metallic blue is a beautiful shimmery color on pretty much everyone. If you add cool little details in your outfit, I am positive you will stand out from the crowd. I don't really have much to say, but porcelain blue is a wonderful color (combination) and I think it would be a fun idea/color to try out. 
Have a nice weekend!xx
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