Saturday, September 27, 2014


 Sunglasses: Loft | Hat: Forever 21 | Tank: Loft | Denim Jacket: Forever 21 | Shorts: Nordstrom Rack | Shoes: Chuck Taylors  | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

 Walking my puppy.

 Look! There's his tail! 

When I first got glasses I was so self conscious that people thought I looked weird or different. I was at Lens Crafters at a mall when I got them and dashed outside the store to look at the world through the proper field of vision (I know, who says that...apparently I do). I swear I have horrible eyes. And when I went out of the store for a few minutes, I was so uncomfortable with the thought of (random) people judging me because I have glasses. But I realized these people have not ever seen me without glasses, and why would they care anyways? So little miss self conscious me got over her fear after 10 agonizing minutes of what I thought were people looking at me because I had glasses. They weren't.
Thats how I feel about hats (although they are not a daily accessory...for me at least). I have wanted a big floppy hat since forever but found this gem for $10 at Forever 21, such a steal, and decided to get it. Its more Pharrell style that floppy hat, but needless to say it is still a cute hat...and for an amazing price. So when I first took this hat out for a spin I felt the same way I did when I first got my glasses. Awkward and uncomfortable, especially in a sea of super trendy people. But, just like the glasses situation, I got over it because I knew no one was concerned with what I was wearing or doing, and if they did have a problem, I didn't concern myself with it. Although there were definitely no problems. I guess the moral of the story is wear what you want because you like it and don't let people make you feel inferior because you enjoy something someone else doesn't like. Because you know, someone cant make you feel inferior without your consent.
More next week!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Headband: Landeau | Romper: Nordstrom Rack | Tank: Areopostale | Belt: Charlotte Rousse | Shoes: Tillys | Bag: Marc Jacobs | Watch: Michael Kors

I apologize for all the squinty eyes in the photos. Needless to say it was incredibly sunny outside and I was facing the sun making it much more difficult to look into the camera normally. In some of the photos not posted, it sorta looked like one of those ugly snapchats you only send to your best friend. It was painful and awkward to view....
So today I wanted to talk about a really amazing organization started by a group of high schoolers. The organization Buttervly is aimed to raise awarness for sexual assaults happening in high schools. It never occurred to me that rape is common in high schools around the country. This really shocked and upset me because no one should ever have to go through such a traumatic experience and think it was their fault. On the Buttervly site you can read personal stories of peoples experiences and how it affected them. The wonderful thing about this organization is that it is powered by teens for teens to start a dialogue on teen rape and to end rape culture. I feel very strongly about the cause and I totally recommend going on their site to see what you can do or share, like and spread the word on this amazing non profit organization.
More next week!

Saturday, September 6, 2014


 Top: Macy's | Jacket: Denyll | Leggings: Old Navy | Booties: Tildon via Nordstrom | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Watch: Michael Kors | Necklace and Bracelet: Tiffany & co.

As promised, this is what I wore to the Ed Sheeran concert last week. I kept the colors very minimal with just black and white but the small flare on the peplum top, the stripes, and the different textures make this simple look much more interesting.
Not gonna lie, I never really fancied Macy's but oh my gosh, they have great clothes for an even better price! I am so amazed at how wonderfully everything is priced, I mean, it's so insane! Thanks to my mama I am hooked there and for those who are as skeptical as I was about Macy's, definitely go back and I promise there is something amazing for you there!
Oh, I don't think I ever wore these shoes on my blog but aren't they the coolest shoes you've ever seen?!? I think they definitely win the shoe game, lol. I found this pair of booties last winter when they were on sale and knew I had to get them. First of all, the snakeskin-like texture and look is so luxe and the clear heel is literally out of the world!! Before these shoes I don't think I ever saw a clear heel. Now...they are totally a cool trend I see everywhere. But one thing that I should have not worn to the concert. Considering that I almost never wear heels, by feet started hurting within 20 minutes of walking. Thats normal, right? So by the time we got into the arena, I was singing and jumping along barefoot, haha. Tip: Don't wear heels to a concert unless they are super comfy and broken in. Thats all for now!
More next week.

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