Monday, July 1, 2013


Tank: Handmade | Belt: Hollister | Shorts: Hollister
Sunnies: Loft | Necklace: Loft | Bracelet: Nordstrom | Watch: Michael Kors | Sandals: Aerosoles

I am thoroughly impressed with myself. Never would I ever have thought I could be able to sew anything, let alone this shirt. And the crazy part it that it is actually wearable, looks so great and is the second garment I ever made with my hands. I constructed the shirt during the school year, picking out the fabric, deciding the pattern, cutting it, sewing it and doing all the alterations and TLC this top needed. On the bottom of the tank, I decided to scallop it, luckily, the design on the shirt had a semi-wavy pattern (being paisley) making it a bit easier to cut out. Sewing the bottom was a bit of a challenge because I had to keep adjusting my hands and the fabric to go with the flow. All in all it went well and I couldn't have done it without the help of my amazing fashion teacher. 
The white on white combo is very timeless, making it wearable in any season, year, or era. The best part is that mixing different textures, patterns and shades of white can make for a truly awesome outfit. 

Yesterday my best friend came over to hang out and have a little make up birthday for her because I wasn't able to be with her on her actual birtday. We did facials, nails, and went on a walk. Little did she know some friends were at her house waiting for us to come and surprise her. I had her mom say she wasn't able to pick her up so we drove over to her house walked in and SURPRISE! She was in complete shock and totally surprised. Her reaction was priceless, hopefully someone got a picture of it. All in all, it was a good surprise party.
Thats all for now!
Have a good 4th!

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