Tuesday, July 9, 2013



Wants&Wishlist by leahla featuring almond toe boots

From left to right
Bikini Top: zumiez.com-$25
Bikini Bottoms: riverisland.com-$18
One Piece: shoplesnouvelles.com-$297
Strapless one piece: net-a-porter.com-$340
Crop top: janenorman.co.uk-$12
High waisted shorts: topshop.com-$56
Kimono: stylebop.com-$367
Overalls: cottonon.com-$49.95
Tan booties: intermizonline.com-$495
Black booties: asos.com-$93
White flatforms: topshop.com-$64

These are some items I am wishing for right now. Some of them are super expensive, so I am going to find a cheaper pair at other places, while others, like the one piece swimsuit is an idea of what I am looking for. Another thing about the items on my wish list is that they are all on trend right now, so I am gonna give myself some time to see if I really want some of these pieces before I purchase them. Maybe it is just a phase, but you know what they say: Fashion (aka trends) fades, style is eternal. So I will just wait it out.
Have a nice week!

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