Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Style Diaries: Maya

 Top: Macy's | Shorts: Macy's | Sandals: Target
 Small Necklace: Israel | Owl Necklace: Claire's 

Hi guys! Im excited to say that this is my second style diaries (woohoo!) with one of my closest friends, Maya. I have known Maya since 4th grade when I first went up to her and introduced myself...but she ran away. A few days later we ended up talking to each other and now we are so close! Maya is very intelligent, witty, sarcastic, sweet, and caring. Maya loves to wear items that are vintage or are indie/boho/one with nature (is that even a thing?). That being said, I decided to pair a floral blouse with lace shorts. The blouse has a persistent pattern to them just like how Maya is very persistent in everything she does to make sure she can better with whatever she is struggling with. The lace shorts represents Maya's kindness and how she is always caring for her family, friends, and strangers to make sure that they are having good happy lives. Well, thats Maya for you! More later!


  1. lovely outfit :)

  2. I like the summery girly feel to her outfit, its very cute!

    -Tara x



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