Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Color Story: Canary Yellow

A Color Story: Canary Yellow

A Color Story: Canary Yellow by leahla featuring a ribbon bead necklace

There is not a single item in my closet even with the slightest bit of yellow on it. Yellow is definitely not one of my favorite colors but it has been growing on me recently. Yellow reminds me of sunshine and happiness and I like pastel yellow lace tops with collars on them or a cute circle mini skirt...specific much? Neon yellow is a great way to brighten up any outfit and canary yellow looks lovely in the spring. Although we are heading into autumn, yellow can still be worn to help make gloomy days more bright :)
A couple days ago my friends hosted a surprise bonfire at the beach for our other friend. Around 20 people showed up to wish her a happy birthday. When the birthday girl arrived, she was blindfolded and told she was going to the movies. But when she stepped out of the car and felt sand she started asking very loudly where she was and if she was on sand. If was very funny to see her reaction to where she was and when she took off the blindfolds there was a chorus of "SURPRISE!"She was very surprised and confused at first but enjoyed the event in her honor. It was a nice bonding experience and by the end of the night everyone smelt like firewood and burnt marshmellows. It was a good day.
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