Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Red Tour




Hi guys! So on Monday I attended the Taylor Swift concert with my good friend, Maddy, and it was absolutely AMAZING!! It beat my expectations by far! The first performer was Casey James from American Idol. Casey preformed a couple songs including his famous song "Lets don't call it a night". After he sang, there was a brief intermission and then the uber talented Ed Sheeran came out to sing. Ed preformed some songs from his album "+" such as "Give me love", and the famous "The A Team" as well as Brittany Spears "Hit me baby one more time". It was just him and his guitar on stage and underneath him two foot pedals which he would manually press to make the noises of a drum and piano, which was incredibly cool to watch. He only preformed for 40 minutes but it went by like two minuets. Ed was incredible and hopefully I will be able to go to one of his concerts where he is the headliner. After Ed preformed, there was another brief intermission to get things set up and then Taylor came out. Starting out with "Holy Ground", Taylor preformed songs from all her albums but mainly focused on her newest album, Red. She sang "Mean", and "Ours" and would always give out reasons as to why she wrote the songs she did and what her thought process was. At one point I was even tearing up (I know, silly Leah) when she was talking about having four shows here and how this was the first of the four and how she loved the city so much and all that jazz. She is a very genuine person when she speaks and all her words are so carefully planned and meticulously articulated to sound so graceful and beautiful. In the middle of the concert she introduced her first surprise guest, Cher Loyd, and they sang her hit song "Want you back". It was very catchy and everyone was singing and dancing along with the two. Next, she preformed another few songs and said that we couldn't have possibly have thought that she would only bring one guest out, which was more than what we were all expecting, and then she said she had another. Sara Barellies! She said Sara wanted to come out of the goodness of her heart and that the song they were about to sing together was one that helped give her a confidence boost whenever she was feeling down. So then Sara and Taylor performed Sara's song "Brave," which coincidentally happens to be my favorite song of the moment. As the concert came to a close, Maddy and I had the times of our lives and we both thought (and still do) think the concert had exceeded our expectations BY FAR! With all the lavish costumes, great dancers, great singers, and great surprise performers, this was the best concert I have been too. EVER. 


  1. wow! I LOVE taylor swift!!! great review!!! Would you like to follow eachother?

  2. OMG LUCKY! id love to go to see T-Swizzle! looks like you had such a great time (and with Ed Sheeran opening its like doubly amazing! (also you had two extra special guests, def lucked out with tha particular show!) I love what you wore too, stripes are perf for a taylor swift concert, and i really want some white converse so seeing yours is not helping my resolve lol

    -Tara x



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