Monday, October 8, 2012

A Color Story: Autumn Leaves-A Mix of Deep Oranges

Autumn Leaves

Hello all! Hope you started your week of smoothly! Unfortunately for me, I have gotten a case of the snuffles:( My head has been pounding and my throat has been throbbing. Also I have ended up putting myself under a pile of homework, projects, and tests lately...not literally though! I think I sound a bit pessimistic, oh well, I guess it is just not a happy day for me.

On a bit of a lighter and more happier note, here is the color of the month! Woohoo! As the leaves begin to change colors and pumpkin flavored everything hits the stores, you bring on the layers, and orange is a must! Practically everything in October is a deep orange plus, pops of orange anywhere in your wardrobe is super fun and has a little element of surprise. I am going to be scouring the stores for my perfect autumn orange piece! What will you do with this color? Leave a comment below:)

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