Saturday, February 21, 2015


Coat: Vintage | Tank: Vintage | Shorts: Nordstrom Rack | Sneakers: Nike | Sunglasses: Loft 

Breaking News: I have just discovered ancient artifacts from my childhood. I thought that was a fun line, but I really did. I found my old song book and read a couple of songs. One is titled "Believing in you," and it is about people changing. This is the first part of the song: "We gotta stay strong, cuz people are gonna change the way they act towards us and we know its all one crazy phase." I know, I know...I was really poetic and spelling and grammar-ly challenged. And yes, I actually did say cause like cuz because that was what the kewl people used to do. Just kidding, I think I did not know how to spell.
Anyway, I was thinking how insane it is that I had recognized this issue even when I was a youngin. (I have no idea where all my supa-trendy adjectives are coming from right now. I apologize in advance.)
I received a comment a few weeks ago that also applies to this topic that I completely agree with. It reads,"It can be hard to stand up for yourself and go against the current no matter the topic." And that is 100% true. People change. It is a fact and it happens whether we like it or not and for the right or wrong reasons. We change to impress others, for self-improvement, or after discovering new interests. I find it interesting though, how people put masks on for different people they are with. We all do it and it is very human. But I am striving to only have one face, my face. The one I show to everyone, the one where I am unapologetically me. The thing is, I have lost/forgotten what my interests and hobbies are to show to the world. I have a difficult time enjoying myself because I don't remember what true, laugh-till-you-feel-your-abs-pop-out happiness is. And that it what I am looking for. When I feel uninspired I continue to read DVF's book and take regular walks. However I don't know if I love it. It is not the thing that I crave or live for. It is similar to trying to find a job that you adore. It is difficult and you need to try a lot of things till you find something. If you have any tips, activities, or hobbies that make you feel happy, I would love to know what they are! This week I am looking for a key to happiness to further my progress to become the woman I want to be.
That is all for this week!
Another progressional update next week!

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