Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Color Story: Jet Black

A Color Story: Jet Black

A Color Story: Jet Black by leahla featuring a black skirt

Black is both one of my favorite and least favorite colors. As one of the basic colors, black it is able to be dressed either up or down very, very simply. You can wear a complete black on black ensemble or keep it very minimal in what you wear. Black is a classic color that goes with anything and everything. For a full on black outfit it can be very glamorous, sexy, edgy, gothic, cool, chic and so much more depending on how you style your look. To not look like you are being swallowed by a giant black hole of fabric, mix your look up by adding different textures, prints, patterns and proportions to your outfit. 
The reason why it is also one of my least favorite colors is because black it too black. How can that be? Its such a classic and simple color that has a multitude of different ways to be used. I think it is because it is a very dark color and I enjoy happy, bright, radient colors that capture my personality more because I am a very bubbly person.
For this set I created it all with pieces I have been lusting over for quite sometime now. *Sigh*
A girl can dream...
More next week!

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  1. Love those Isabel Marants!!


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