Wednesday, November 27, 2013


 Pink Tank: Nordstrom B.P | Scalloped Tank: Lily White | Jeggings: Aeropostle | Boots: Steve Madden (old)
 Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I think this outfit deserves the most recycle pieces award, if only that existed. With my clothes, I tend to hoard, and thats not a great thing. It takes up excess space that I could use for other things, but for some reason I always feel like each garment will come back in handy one day. When I was younger, there was a stage in my life where I went all country, inspired by Taylor Swift. I got decked out in country boots, plaid, flower blouses, and everything else. I did not get rid of most of my garments from that stage in my life because most of the pieces have good memories attached to them or they will, once again, come in handy. These boots are about 5 years old, are in good condition, and miraculously still fit! I wore them to my very first concert, a Taylor Swift one actually, the lady who inspired that stage in my life. Even if you feel like you have outgrown a couple things you own I would recommend holding on to some of them for sentimental purposes or you can reinvent that piece and make it new again.
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