Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 Dress: Vintage | Shoes: Vince Camuto | Earrings: Betsey Johnson | Broaches: My Moms| Bracelt: Nordstrom (old)

 Marilyn Monroe moment

This dress is AMAZING!!! The style and cut is so great, plus it has some history to it. This dress is my moms dress, until I decided to sneak it into my closet. (I wish I could put an emoji here). Anyway, my mom got this dress from a small boutique in Italy in 1993, only wore it two or three times, and it still remains impeccable. She wore this dress once to my aunts wedding shower, before I was born, and now its my turn to wear it at a party for a really close family friend of my mine!
The dress is a bit big on the waist, so I decided to pin it with one of my moms broaches to make it fit and to add some sparkle.
It was hard trying to accessorize the dress because it is so magnificent, brilliant, and different. I ended up figuring out how to accessorize it by adding simple and small bracelets and earrings on.
I have a few more finals left until I am free, but I need to push for one more day and then I technically don't have any more work! Woohoo!
I have to finish studying now, xox

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