Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jules Loves Nordstrom

Conversing with the super stylish Jules
I gained a lot of knowledge in those brief five minuets I had with her..
Say Cheese!
Yummy strawberry macaroon!

Some of Jules top picks from the Savvy department

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting with the amazing Jules from the blog Sincerely, Jules. Thanks to Nordstrom, Jules was able to host this event in the Savvy department, talk to her readers and go shopping and style them! She talked to everyone individually, with a warm smile on her face willing to give any advice to anyone. In my brief five minuets with her, she gave me a welcoming smile and hug and asked for my name. Immediately, I was starstruck, as if I were meeting Jlo. One question I asked her was how to get more views for a blog. She told me the number one thing is to be consistent, post everyday, and show something fresh to your readers every time. She also said to brand yourself, give out business cards with your blogs name on it, etc.  Very good advice! Hopefully I will become more consistant, something I have a lot of difficulty with due to all of the exams I have this week. But its almost summer so hopefully I will post at least once a week.
There were also yummy little refresments at the event such as macaroons, apple cider, and chocolate mousse that were handed out to you while you were shopping the cute savvy department.
I was supposed to go do a little dress shopping with her but unfortunately, because of a tight schedule, I had to leave :(
Overall it was an amazing experience and I am glad I was able to attend!
Have a good rest of your weekend!

P.s here is the link to her blog if you want to check it out :)
but it has to be copied and pasted because I have no clue how to attach links. 

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