Monday, May 27, 2013


 Dress: Lulus*s | Bag: Ralph Lauren (old) | Boots: Steve Madden
 Necklace: Tiffany&co. | Bracelet: Nordstrom (old) | Watch: Michael Kors | Ring: Nordstrom (old) 

Today I was feeling very bada$$ (oh, Im so cool [sarcasm]) with my freshly straightened hair and super cool dress. The dress is from Lulu*s and was my very FIRST online purchase, which I nervously bought, fearing the fabric would not be nice or that the dress would look bad. BUT, when this baby arrived in the mail a few days after purchasing it, I loved it! Except, there was one major flaw. The straps were too long! Not sure what to do, I decided to cut the straps in half and re-sew them to actually ft me and not drape me like a blanket, and it worked! Now it thankfully looks very nice on. I paired it with combat boots, spiky jewelry and a skull ring for extra effect. My friend and I named the ring Kelly, Why? I have no idea, for fun I guess( Yes, we named an inanimate object....)
Anyway, I hope everyone is having a very thoughtful memorial day. I want to thank all of the troops for all of their hard work and dedication for fighting for this country and for risking their lives for everyone else to be safe.
Thank you all and have a good long weekend!

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  1. love the entire look!!!<3

    Emma xx


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