Friday, November 23, 2012


 Sunglasses: Loft (old) | Collar: Nordstrom B.P. (old) | Shirt: Forever 21 | Dress (worn as skirt): Divided By H&M (old) | Shoes: Converse All Stars
 Bracelet: Juicy Couture | Watch: Michael Kors

Hello all!
I hope you had a yummy scrumdidlyumptious thanksgiving dinner, I know I did! I just want to say thank you to everyone who comes and checks out my blog whether it is regularly or you just happened to stumbled upon it. I am also thankful for all the people and experiences in my life that have made me become the person who I am today. I am thankful for A LOT of other things but I will not list them all because it would be about a page or two long, but long story short, I am thankful for everything :D.

I am glad to say I have found myself a lovely graphic floral tee from F21. It almost reminds me of a band shirt because it has a design on it and it is super soft. But instead of having a cool band on it, there are pretty flowers :). The dress also has a lace floral pattern as well, I guess you can say I am into florals. Well, more like smitten with the classic floral pattern/design.

Hope you are all enjoying this amazing holiday!

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  1. love the outfit!
    I like your blog too. If you like mine, maybe we can follow each other?
    xo Charlotte



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