Saturday, November 22, 2014


 Top: Loft | Necklace: Stella | Pants: Nordstrom Rack | Shoes: Steve Madden | Watch: Michael Kors

I just came back from Washington DC a few days ago and gosh was it cold! It honestly felt like I was standing in one of those huge fridges in Costco with only a bikini on...or like I permanently had freezing cold ice cream, popsicles, and ice stuck on my face. And although I wore about 4 layers (a thermal, a long sleeve, a fuzzy jacket, and a HUGE puffer that made me look like a snowman) I was still frozen. I think it is safe to say that I am DEFINITELY NOT equipped to live on the east coast. It's too bad though because that is where New York is, aka the place I want to be for a year. So if any of you have invented a method of not freezing your butt off with a quadrillion layers, I would be ecstatic to know them! Luckly in California it still feels like summer :)
And because it it still warm out, I thought I would take the opportunity to wear my very eccentric tribal pants with this tribal-esque statement necklace. I think it looks pretty cool! Although the color palette is quite simple, the stand out pattern on the pants and the sheer size of my necklace make it much more interesting.
On another note, I think I want to start different topics of discussion on my blog based on the title of the post. Hopefully you will be engaged in the topic, and who knows, maybe even begin to share your opinions with others. I always have been someone timid whenever I had to voice my opinion about anything: whether it be in front of a friend, a teacher, or my whole class. I usually never had an opinion on any topic and if I did I would keep it hidden from anyone else in fear of being bashed or counter-argued on something I did not have very much knowledge about. So now, yolo.
Today I want to know how you feel about tribes, or group membership. Do you think group membership it a positive idea with benefits or a negative idea with consequences? The most common or known example I have heard is I Phones. I think it is well known that in our technologically advanced age, a myriad of different companies are coming up with the newest, coolest, most advanced, best preforming phones on the market today. And while Apple is one of the most prominent companies out there, their phones are not necessarily the "best" based on the tech savvy individuals who test out different products. But because there is a positive stigma with the company and a user friendly screen that is very simple to navigate, many people decide to buy their products. This is similar to schools like Ivy Leagues that have the stigma that those are the top schools in the country. So are these stigmas beneficial? I think so. Why? Not only is group membership a very tactful way to sell consumers products, it also makes them feel special and that they are a part of a larger group, something everyone wants to have in their life. There can also be benefits with group membership like if you own an electric car. You have reduced taxes and can drive in the carpool lane without a second passenger. However, group membership could also be a bad thing. For example, if you are a part of a friend group that is continuously judging others incredibly harshly behind their backs, you begin to form the same mentality as them and then you also start talking poorly behind other people's backs. So what do you think? Are tribes/group membership always a good thing or only sometimes? Would love to know your thoughts!


  1. Super chic look! Love your necklace and trousers!

    x Edina

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  2. love that outfit! especially the necklace! <3


  3. i'm in love with this! great post x

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