Friday, November 28, 2014

Sweater-ish Weather

  Sweater: Ann Taylor (here) | Denim: Hollister | Shoes: Tildon | Necklace: Tiffany & co.

Hi everyone! I hope you had a cheerful and sweet thanksgiving with all your loved ones. Did you have some yummy turkey? I did! Do you want too see it? Click on this! (I just learned how to use permalink so it is very fun for me to link everything to another site) I just wanted to say how thankful I am for my family, friends, and you. Thank you to all you veteran readers and newbies who just stumbled upon my site, and to anyone who ever learned anything from me or got inspired, I am grateful for you:). 
So although everywhere else in the country right now is freezing cold, rainy, snowy, or gloomy, I am glad to say California is still sunny! But it doesn't feel like Christmas yet and it doesn't feel right to even wear a sweater in winter...because it is pretty much still summer. Hey, Im not complaining though. I love love love the sun! But since today was the only cool day (65 degrees), I took the opportunity to wear my sweater, hooray! I got it from Ann Taylor for $17, yes your read that right; SEVENTEEN DOLLARS. Absolutely crazy! I was so shocked because it was reduced from $90 to $50 but then there was a surprise reduction and I got it for an amazing price! I have also been looking for the perfect sweater since forever that was made out of good material and am glad to have finally found it. I guess you can say I am very excited about the sun and discounts, haha.
Thats all for now!
More next week!

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