Saturday, October 12, 2013

How to [make Banana Sushi]

Ingredients: 1 Ripe Banana
                    Peanut Butter
                    Rice Crispy Cereal
                    Butter Knife
                    Pretty Plate

Step 1: Peel and cut banana into proportionate slices
Step 2: Cover outer edges with peanut butter
Step 3: Roll banana slices in Rice Crispy Cereal
Step 4: Place onto a nice clean plate
Step 5: Enjoy and have a yummy drink with it!

I have been eating sushi nonstop lately, as it is my favorite food. To give myself a healthy alternative to regular sushi, I decided to make banana sushi! It is very yummy and if you have peanut allergies you can substitute it with Nutella, which in my eyes is way better! Banana sushi is a great breakfast and snack option that is just as yummy as it looks!

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