Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prepster Academy

 Top: Old Navy | Shorts: Hollister | Shoes: Converse | Glasses: Ernest Hemingway
 Pink Bracelet: Target | Red Bracelets: Israel
 Jacket: Nautica (old) | Earrings: Tiffany's

Again I am in black and white. Whoopdedoo. Im telling you black and white are the two most basic colors that you NEED to have in your closet, but you all probably know that. I decided not to add any bright colors to the mix to keep the look clean, simple and chic. I really like the top because thin stripes are a girls best friend! (in my case, one of my best friends) And then there is the cheese. Also, just a heads up, strips are really in this season and so are animal print. I'll put up an animal print collage up later :) Happy Dayxx

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