Friday, March 6, 2015

Say It

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Grief and regrets will be used to teach me wisdom, not to plague my heart or mind.
That is one of the lines from my mission statement.
This past week I realized that I have finally had enough of being too kind to people and allowing them to walk all over me. It has been happening for a few years now, but after having a trip ruined because I was unable to speak up for myself,  I realized I need to do something about it. At first I tried keeping last week's resolution of not complaining...but that failed big time. I was consumed with being upset and how I wasted two days of my life. But now as I write this, I realize this is a great learning opportunity, and I hope my hurdle will also teach/inspire you to stand up for yourself. While I have yet to confront the individual for making me so sad, I plan to talk to them about it next time they want something from me. I also plan to find the strength in myself to say no even when my voice is trembling and my inside is in knots when I feel like what I am doing is mean. In reality, it is not mean. By not speaking up for myself, I hurt myself, and that is not fair. I need to put my feelings in front of everyone else's feelings, something that I have trouble doing. Hopefully now that I have recognized my problem, I  can fix it. If you have any suggestions on how, I would love to hear them!
More next week,

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  1. Your voice is such a powerful tool and can be used for so many different things depending on your tone and language use. I'm glad you're using it to stand up for yourself. For some reason going for what you want and standing up for yourself is such a hard thing to do. But nothing worthwhile comes easy.



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