Friday, October 31, 2014


 Scarf: Loft | Leather: Denyl | Top: Hoodies | Skirt: Topshop Here | Sneakers: Chuck Taylor | Necklace and Bracelet: Tiffany & co. | Ring: Israeli Shuck 

 My super cool new gel mani. It's my first and I love it!

 Awkward hand...yo.

Like the next girl, I love a good discount, so when I saw the price reduction on this killer skirt my jaw literally dropped to the floor. The hot pink inside combined with the scuba-like material made me actually jump for joy when I found it at Nordstrom (keep in mind that it was my first time going to the mall in a long, long time-I was studying for my final college entry exam). I swear I was like a kid on Halloween getting so excited by the sheer amount of candy they have received-fitting, right? (because yesterday was Halloween). But...after finally taking my last entry exam, I though I would have a life and I still don't because I still have loads of homework. I don't know how I do it, call me Superwoman. Ok...I probably need to stop all these Halloween jokes of mine, you probably think they aren't funny. It makes me smile when I write them though! I told you I have no life, the smallest things make me smile. Maybe its because all the work has gotten to my head.
Also with the theme of college entry, I have been reading some cool prompts and hopefully will share some of my responses with you to open dialogues about different subjects. Would love to know your thoughts on that.
More next week!

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